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Contentlinq is a cloud-based marketing media management and distribution service for brand vendors, optical retailers and service providers. We provide clean and beautiful deployment through an innovative, digital process.

Brand Vendors

Take Control of Your Message

Educate the consumer + retail sales staff

Increase sell through of your products

Reduce marketing waste by going digital

A single location to manage your marketing assets

Full control; licensing, access, expirations

Update your content and messaging in real time

Gather analytics on your marketing messages

Optical Retailers

Deliver A Better Retail Experience

Increase capture + multiple pair sales rates*

Modernize your facility by going digital

Educate patients and staff

Display engaging interactive content at the point of sale

Consistent access to fresh brand content

Deploy your own content with premium subscription

How It Works

Our Story

Based in Solana Beach in Southern California, Contentlinq is a SaaS business focused on the Optical Retail Industry.

The Contentlinq platform provides Optical Vendors and Retailers (ECPs) with a cloud-based Digital Asset Management and Distribution Service that enhances the Optical Retail Experience in a collaborative manner.

Our team includes veterans of the Optical Industry as well as Software Entrepreneurs. With this mix of technology expertise and deep industry knowledge, we are able to deliver delightful solutions to our customers that help increase sales through innovative marketing and merchandising.

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