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Drive retail sales with fresh, engaging, customized digital content.

Contentlinq Subscription

Contentlinq’s subscription gives you access to the ever growing library of brand assets and playlists that you can show on your Contentlinq devices.  Additionally, the subscription gives you access to our cloud-based Digital Asset Manager, which will allow you to upload your own custom content (“upcoming specials”, “meet the staff”, etc), as well as re-mix content from multiple brand vendors.

  • Access to all brand playlists
  • Can be used on an unlimited number of devices at 1 store location
  • Access to the cloud based Contentlinq Digital Asset Manager system
  • 2 custom playlists designed by Contentlinq
  • Ability to upload you own content
  • Ability to create your own playlists
  • Download and share brand assets
  • Track user engagement and face views/impressions via analytics dashboard
  • Account setup and training
  • Email and phone support

Go Digital!

Digital POP

  • Interactive lens demonstration tools
  • Brand-driven retail-ready devices
  • 24/7 consistent performance
  • 10″, 15″, and 24″ tablets ready to hit the ground running

Big Screens, Big Impact

Smart TV Adapter

  • Broadcasts Contentlinq to your existing TV or Monitor
  • Small footprint and can be mounted behind the TV or Monitor
  • Controlled remotely

Engage in a Big Way

Try the 55″ ePoster Kiosk

  • Big Impact, Small Floor Space
  • Sleek, Slim, Free-Standing Design
  • Up-To Date Brand Driven Content
  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Use In-Store Or In Windows
We can help make your optical more profitable!

Watch the video below to see how Contentlinq is helping optical retailers stand out, engage customers, and win awards!

OMG! Optical Marketing Group and Contentlinq work well together!

  • Redesign Your Existing Space
  • Practice Makeover
  • Consulting & Training
  • Vision Source Refresh Packages
  • Personalized Signage
  • Eyewear Displays & Shelving
  • Window & Wall Graphics